Malta Is Ready For Brexit – PM

Malta is well-prepared for Brexit, in whichever form it happens, PM Robert Abela said yesterday in the margins of the EU Summit.

The Prime Minister explained that EU leaders were briefed about discussions that are taking place between the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier and the UK, adding that the situation is still mired in uncertainty.

Abela added that the leaders had agreed to keep working towards an agreement, insisting that the EU would not accept to have its hand forced into any deal, but rather one which was favourable to it.

“As a Government we have worked hard to have all mechanisms in place just in case no deal is reached by the end of the year. Our mantra is to prepare for a worst case scenario. We are ready for any eventuality, including a No Deal Brexit or the phasing-in of another transitional period.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will today give Britain’s response to the European Union’s demand that he either gives more concessions to secure a trade deal or braces for a disorderly Brexit in three months.

A tumultuous “no deal” finale to the United Kingdom’s five-year Brexit crisis would sow chaos through the delicate supply chains that stretch across Europe and beyond – just as the economic hit from the novel coronavirus bites.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that in case of a No Deal, a number of sectors will be impacted, insisting that Government has the necessary plans in place if this were to happen.

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