Marsaxlokk Qrejten Breakwater Project completed

Works on a new €4 million breakwater in the Qrejten area in Marsaxlokk were completed by Infrastructure Malta, a projected supported through EU funding.

The breakwater is about 110 metres long and six meters wide above the surface of the sea. It is built with a depth of about 3.5 meters below sea-level. Around this structure, many large stones were placed to break the waves and prevent them from entering the Marsaxlokk harbour. The structure is similar to that of the breakwater of the Mġarr Harbour in Gozo.

Speaking on site, Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg said that this project has been long awaited by the fishermen of these areas and we felt the need to take action and carry out this project both for them and for the community of Marsaxlokk. This project will also be improving both the access and the use of the Marsaxlokk harbour. It will, among other things, reduce the risks created by bad weather conditions, including damage to fishing vessels kept in the area, and will also provide more shelter for the harbour.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi stated that this project was carried out with an investment of around €4 million co-financed by European funds in the fisheries sector. He explained how this breakwater will provide facilities that will be used by the fishing sector, in particular by the Marsaxlokk fishing community. Dr Zrinzo Azzopardi concluded by saying that one of the important goals in European Union funds is to support this sector in order to continue to strengthen and help our fishing sector.

Other upcoming maritime infrastructure projects include the reconstruction of Sally Port in Vittoriosa, and the introduction of more passenger ferry landing facilities to extend this alternative mode of travel to other coastal locations in Malta. ​

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