Since EU accession, Malta’s economic performance regularly outperformed the European average. As business flourished, prosperity increased and new job opportunities were created, pushing the unemployment rate to historical lows. Growth resulted from diverse economic sector, including tourism, financial services, gaming and others.

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  • European Regional Development Fund


    European Regional Development Fund

  • Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges


    Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges

  • €51,000,000

    Total EU Allocation


A significant injection of EU-funded grants has played a major role in enabling businesses’ route to growth. These grants allowed Maltese entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, identify new markets for expansion and invest in research, development and new technology.

One of the most significant funding opportunities throughout the 2014-2020 programming period was channelled via the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes, which assist enterprises to maximise their investment and growth potential and to increase their competitiveness.

Amongst the more popular Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes are the Start-up Investment Grant Scheme, the SME Growth Grant Scheme and the SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme. These schemes support enterprises in their start-up initiatives, to implement growth strategies, to diversify their business activity or to innovate operations respectively, in terms of expenditure broadly related to productive investment.

Another theme which has become even more relevant in today’s post-pandemic Europe is the importance of digitalisaton. The e-Commerce Grant Scheme provides a perfect opportunity for those businesses who do not as yet provide services and/or products for sale online through a payment gateway to increase their market share via the integration of online shopping in their business activities.

The funds also include grants specifically target at start-ups, aimed at assisting new ventures in overcoming challenges in their early stages and to economically exploit their ideas to ensure their survival. This scheme assists start-ups to part-finance 50% of the eligible expenditure related to their initial productive investment costs in tangible and intangible assets when implementing their business growth strategies.

Finally, but equally important, R&D is a critical element for enterprises to remain competitive and take advantage of their growth potential and become more innovative through the development of innovative products and solutions. Through RD&I Grants, enterprises are supported through the provision of a non-repayable grant for research, development and innovation actions within the Smart Specialisation Areas outlined in the National Research and Innovation Strategy 2020.

These Grant Schemes are fundamental in ensuring sustainable business growth, by becoming more competitive, innovative and become more resilient to market challenges.

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