The double insularity of Gozo makes the island and its residents more vulnerable to fluctuations in economic cycles and tourism flows. Thus, the need for a better and more efficient inter-island connection is critical to ensure economic prosperity for the island’s inhabitants.

  • Cirkewwa



  • European Regional Development Fund


    European Regional Development Fund

  • Safeguarding the Environment


    Safeguarding the Environment

  • €10,867,996

    Cost of Project


  • €8,800,000

    Total EU Allocation


Recognising this topmost priority, some €9 million in EU funds, through the ERDF were specifically dedicated towards this end, investing in a new terminal at Cirkewwa, from where all crossings between Malta and its sister island depart and arrive.

Apart from the actual building of the terminal itself, which helped immensely in making the crossing experience for foot passengers, including millions of tourists, a more pleasant one, the project also included the improvement in many of the other port facilities.

These included improvements in the berthing queys for the ships, a new road network leading to the terminal and an organised marshalling and parking system for cars waiting to cross the 5 kilometre stretch of sea between the two islands.

The new facilities, which started to be used in 2012, have led to a marked improvement in the connection hub between the two islands, so much so that passenger traffic between the two islands increased substantially.

Through the building of an additional new quay, which permitted more ships to use the facilities concurrently, the journey became much more efficient, marking a significant reduction in crossing time.

The EU investment has helped the island of Gozo become more accessible, increasing business through the affluence of more internal and external tourism.

This has resulted in a substantial increase in accommodation facilities, with high-level boutique hotels opening across the island as more Maltese and international guests decide to spend a few days of rest in Gozo.

The new terminal project includes a mini-solar farm, build on its roof, thus reducing the terminal’s dependency on power generated from fossil fuels.

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