Described as one of Malta’s major treasures, the National Library is a reference and research library with collections that span centuries. This project serves as a digital vault, transferring part of the library’s collection online.

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    European Regional and Development Fund

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    Investing in Competitiveness for a better quality of life

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This project is in line with other European National Libraries. These libraries had begun to digitize their holdings in the 1990s. Malta followed much later, with a project that started in 2009 and ended in 2012.

Digitization is a complex process. Material was first selected based on the most requested items by users. It was then checked by the Conservation Unit of the National Library in case it required repair or restoration. It was then sent to the Digitization studio for scanning. A lengthy editing process followed. This included cropping, enhancing and downsizing images. The images were then indexed and uploaded on DigiVault – the portal created to house the National Library’s digital collection.

This ensured the preservation of original material. It also promoted easier accessibility. Users can access a range of information related to Malta’s history. Therefore, this project not only serves to increase accessibility, but to promote Malta’s culture both locally and abroad. It will therefore serve to promote foreigners’ interest in Malta and Gozo’s rich history.

Through the provision of digital copies, the Project helped in the preservation of rare and fragile collections.. The project allowed the library to acquire advanced technological equipment and the National Library staff a chance to improve their digitization skills. The e-accessibility of National Library material to all users falls in line with Government policy regarding the availability of government documents to the general public.

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