Situated in a former hospital used by the British forces and known as Villa Bighi, EU funds have contributed to the complete transformation of this historic site into a large highly active space, hosting Malta’s first ever National Interactive Science Centre.

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  • European Regional Development Fund


    European Regional Development Fund

  • Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation


    Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation

  • €10,867,996

    Cost of Project


  • € 8,800,000

    Total EU Allocation

    € 8,800,000

Opening its doors in 2016, the building with commanding views of Malta’s magnificent Grand Harbour, hospital wards were literally transformed into attractive and modern exhibition halls, equipped with some 200 hands-on exhibits. Specialised lecture rooms and theatres hosting an array of scientific learning activities were also included in the project.

To complete the unique experience and attract a constant flow of visitors, particularly young students wishing to explore the concepts behind all their liveable surroundings, the centre encompasses a Planetarium with a spectacular glass and steel globe design suspended on the top of the building.

The primary aim of this EU investment was to make science among students more popular from a young age, encourage them to pursue scientific careers, considered the key to a knowledge-based economy.

The modern design of the building’s transformation has also made Esplora an additional interesting tourism product, with young families visiting the centre while on a short holiday on the island.

This EU investment has also resulted in another career opportunity for many local young scientists, recruited specifically to present shows, guide students, and teach visitors scientific subjects, from engineering to important scientific discoveries.

Esplora has also managed to create an outreach programme, attracting daily visits from schools across the island, combining the teaching of science, exploration, curiosity, and fun under one roof.

As part of the project, a large playing outdoor area was also created, where children and adults can enjoy new play spaces with additional science activities and equipment.

Although the number of graduates in science-related degrees is still low when compared to other EU member states, the Esplora centre has so far contributed towards an increase in the number of students choosing the science option during their formative scholastic life.

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