Investing in Malta’s human asset is of paramount importance to the island’s future particularly as the country seeks to embrace new technologies and attract new economic sectors to its shores.

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    Investing in human capital

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As part of the Youth Guarantee Scheme – an EU-wide initiative promoted by the European Commission to tackle high unemployment among youths – Malta has devised a programme so that those students who do not manage to pass their crucial exams at their first attempt, will not fall on the wayside. Rather, they are encouraged to continue to study and make it on their second opportunity through what are commonly known as resits.

Through a project financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), every year, for the past seven summers, preparatory and revision classes, free of charge, have been offered to students aged 15 to 24 years, in various subjects so that they can be better prepared for their September resits.

The scheme has been a resounding success. So far, around 4,000 students benefitted from these classes given by professional teachers during the summer months, three times a week. This project covers Maltese, English, Maths, Physics and Biology.

Last year alone, more than 500 students, who did not fair well in one or more of their Sec exams, took the opportunity to attend these classes, and polished their knowledge so that they could be successful in resits later in the year.

Through this scheme, most of the students who attended these classes managed to continue with their education and proceed to tertiary level, reaching their final objectives.

Apart from individual attention given during the classes, students were also offered the opportunity to learn through other modern techniques, particularly through online learning and assessments and could participate in special Q&A sessions with their teachers.

Lessons take place in four dedicated teaching centres spread geographically across the island.

This makes it easier to attract students towards getting better prepared for their next hurdle.

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