Malta’s main pre-university college, known as the Junior College, is frequented by thousands of students who choose to continue with their studies after finishing obligatory school.

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    European Regional Development Fund

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    Urban regeneration and improving quality of life

  • € 1,169,875

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    € 1,169,875

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One of Malta’s objectives and a priority in its Lisbon targets, has been the lowering of the number of students who do not continue with their post-secondary education.

As Malta strives to increase the number of students in post-secondary education, the need for new facilities has continued to increase, as buildings hosting post-secondary and tertiary education started bursting at the seams.

In 2009, EU funds were directed towards the expansion of the current state Junior College in Msida as students continuing with their studies increased from some 48 per cent to over 80 per cent of the student population finishing obligatory schooling. This resulted in an immense pressure on the existing infrastructure, with overcrowding at the Junior College becoming a significant problem.

Through the funnelling of EU funds as part of the Cohesion programme, a new teaching section was built at the Junior College.

The new facilities, which started hosting students in 2011, consisted of 8 large lecture rooms, complete with ancillary facilities such as tutorial and utility rooms. Since the College was built several years ago, the new wing was made more accessible-friendly for students and lecturers with reduced mobility, through the installation of ramps and modern lifts.

This EU investment has led to the Junior College campus to host more students and provide teaching facilities in a more modern environment. Teaching quality has also increased as students were able to attend classes in less numerous numbers and receive individual attention in well-equipped tutorial rooms.

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