Participation in trade unionism has been in decline over the past years all over the EU. As the concept of ‘a job for life’ has quickly disappeared in the modern economic reality, many workers do not feel the need of associating with their colleagues to defend and improve their collective working conditions.

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    European Social Fund

  • Promoting a more effective social and civil dialogue in Malta


    Promoting a more effective social and civil dialogue in Malta

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Training, coaching and the use of modern tools in building social dialogue and partnerships is crucial to break the growing ‘individual mould’ mentality.

In 2012, one of Malta’s trade unions, the Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin, took the opportunity presented by EU funds, and submitted a project aimed at empowering the workforce through the use of online portals.

With the collaboration of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Dialogue (MCESD) and the Italian Confederazione Agricoltori Italiani, the UHM qualified for a project under the European Social Fund to increase workers’ knowledge on social dialogue.

With the use of state-of-the-art online portals designed exclusively for this project, workers could also start increasing their participation and forming partnerships.

The activities, part of a long campaign launched by the UHM, targeted the participation of at least 300 workers.

Through a new online portal, members of the Voice of the Workers project could easily access reliable information on matters relating to social dialogue. Built on open-source technology, the portal allowed access to exclusive content and a monthly Social Dialogue magazine.

In a second phase, the project shifted its primary focus on offering online social dialogue training courses. Job vacancies were also listed on the site and users were able to apply for jobs and participate in online polls and surveys.

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