The public service has grown significantly in past years with different kinds of services being made available to the public, online and in person. Although this offering has vastly improved in recent years, the bureaucratic tag to the service remained. The Mystery Shopper Project aims at improving the customer experience at the various service stations throughout the Ministries and Departments across the Public Service.

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  • European Social Fund


    European Social Fund

  • Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges


    Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges

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    Total EU Allocation


Through detailed reporting, customer service deficiencies are constantly identified and subsequently addressed, resulting in a more efficient and professional service. In parallel, the necessary training is then developed to address deficiencies and inconsistencies. Mystery Shopping is a unique tool in that it provides information that cannot be gathered through any other means. This project, which has a life span of some five years, is meant to involve all the service stations within Public Service Departments, which members of the public can access in order to obtain a face-to-face service such as healthcare, social security and others.

Through EU funding, which covers 80% of the expenditure associated with this project, the public administration is seeking to achieve a sustainable service of excellence. Four pillars of quality of service were identified, these being voice, design, delivery and accountability.

The project has already yielded a number of tangible results, such as improving service delivery through reducing waiting times; strengthening front office services; Upgrading of the appointment system and queue management, enhancing customer experience at the reception and service delivery desks; enhancement of privacy and confidentiality; strengthening the process of customer care staff and service delivery citizen contact employees and increased social media presence.

The rolling out of the Mystery Shopper project, which is being administered by the Quality of Service Directorate within the People & Standards Division is bringing to light the valuable service being provided by many Public Sector employees in their commitment to provide a service of excellence.  In June 2020, the European Commission selected this ESF-funded project as the Success Story for 2020.

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