Malta’s amazing coastline, historically rich old cities and beautiful townscapes have served as a backdrop for a number of Hollywood blockbusters throughout the last decades.

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Some of the big names in the film industry have graced our shores, even multiple times. Robin Williams, Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery are some of the many A-list names to have starred in movies that made cinema history. These include Popeye, Alexander, Gladiator, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, The Count of Montecristo, World War Z and Sinbad among many others.

Perhaps the best certificate Malta could have ever received was given by Steven Spielberg himself. During the shooting of Munich, the well-known director described Malta as a great experience and a great film location, insisting on how well it worked for him and how much he would like to work here again in the future.

The beautiful scenery offered by the Maltese Islands is supported by ideal weather, and as Spielberg pointed out, easy access to multiple locations with different settings in a single day and a growing base of readily-available local crew and extras.

Over the past two decades, successive Governments have invested significantly in encouraging the international film industry to choose Malta as their locations for movies, series, animated films and other productions. Specific tax incentives were established, supported through other investment support incentives covering necessities such as film studios and sets, filming and editing facilities and equipment.

Filming, however, is not solely about location and extras. Producers need the support of a myriad of specialists in audio-visual, lighting, special effects, make-up artists and many other ancillary services that are required in a top-quality production. Importing such talent from abroad can prove costly for production teams. As a result, authorities have invested heavily, particularly through EU funds, to train local workers to be able to provide these services when required by international producers, as well as by the ever-growing community of Maltese film makers.

Through over € 800,000 secured from the European Social Fund, this project aimed to increase the adaptability and employability of individuals and to contribute to the restructuring of the economy within the cultural and creative industry.

A number of people, including young people who were unemployed at the time, were given professional training in wardrobe management skills, location management and scouting, film administration and production skills, props procurement and audio-visual support among others.

This has allowed the industry to continue to grow and thrive, making it an important contributor to growth and job creation over the years.

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