The centrality of small businesses in Malta has been regularly demonstrated through the sheer spectrum covered by their operations. SMEs contribute heavily to growth and innovation in the Maltese economy, providing more than 80% of value-added growth yearly and over 75% of jobs, significantly exceeding the EU average in this regard.

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    Investing in Competitiveness for a better quality of life

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Despite such volume, many small businesses struggle to make their voice heard, thereby increasing the importance of being effectively represented at various levels on a national and European level.

In this context, the SME Chamber seeks to support private ventures and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. With over 7,000 members coming from 12,000 different business outlets, the SME Chamber represents the largest group of retailers of goods and services, contractors, distributors, wholesalers and independent technical and professional services.

Through EU funds, the Chamber is investing in its capacity to transform itself into a more effective social partner. Through a project called STAR, the Chamber has identified a variety of learning initiatives, addressing the current and imminent future skills gaps that are found within the organisation to achieve consistency in the delivery of its service. This will serve to strengthen its role as a key stakeholder on a national level.

A number of specific activities are taking place within the context of such a project. This includes training being provided on a regular basis to the Chamber’s human resources in matters related to public relations, risk management, laws of financial services, risk, basics in banking, banking practices and finance management, among others. Besides enhancing the Chamber’s institutional capacity, these training programmes allow its team members to serve its member organisations in a more professional way.

A full-blown rebranding of the organisation has also taken place, with the introduction of a new brand identity reflective of the wider scope and bold ambitions of this organisation.

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