Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. During the past few years, the country’s population grew rapidly, leaving a particularly negative impact on our roads, which are characterised by congestion, delays and increased pollution levels.

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    European Regional and Development Fund

  • Shifting Towards a More Low-Carbon Transport Sector


    Shifting Towards a More Low-Carbon Transport Sector

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The SMITHS programme – Sustainable Multi Intermodal Transport Hubs – funded through a multi-million investment of EU funds and lead by Transport Malta – aims at introducing a paradigm shift in the way both locals and visitors travel around the islands.

Its main aim is to bring together, in newly designed hubs, mainly in urban areas, the various modes of transport currently in use and make them compatible and easy to use.

To put it simply: rather than making the journey from Valletta to St Julian’s by car, one can easily walk to the pier and embark the ferry to cross to Sliema and rent a bicycle for the final mile of the journey. This is the concept of intermodal transport.

Through this project, several hubs have been identified and are being transformed into modern transport facilities.

The main phases of this project include the construction of a number of new maritime landing facilities aimed at providing a better service to be given through passenger ferries all around the islands. The development of safe cycling corridors on the main road network is also an important feature, ensuring that more people can travel between hubs on their bikes or through the services of companies offering electric bike services.

Services to be provided at Hubs shall include, public transport services, taxi services, transport on demand services, e-car sharing and conventional car sharing services, bicycle infrastructure, e-bike and conventional bicycle sharing, electric car charging infrastructure, park and ride facilities as well as maritime ferry services for localities close to the shoreline, including passenger waiting facilities.

In order to make the management of these sites more user-friendly and efficient, each hub will be supplied with Intelligent Transport Systems and infrastructure such as real time information on all modes and electronic journey planners to include all transport services offered by the Hub.

The SMITHS definition was developed by the Malta National Electromobility Platform and ITS within the Sustainable Mobility Unit at Transport Malta.

This project intends to transform the reality of transport in Malta, with the scope of making it easier and greener as travellers should be able to use less conventional cars and more environment-friendly modes to reach their final destinations.

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