The walled cities of the Cottonera Region are part of the most densely-rich area on the Maltese islands. Despite this immense cultural and historic heritage, following extensive wartime damage, the region experienced economic and social decline in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, leading to many families moving further inland.

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    European Regional Development Fund

  • Investing in Competitiveness for a better quality of life


    Investing in Competitiveness for a better quality of life

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That has changed significantly with the advent of European Union funding, which has inspired a significant regeneration of the Three Cities, so much so that the area is now attracting new residents, including foreigners who choose to make Malta their home, as well as a thriving commercial community.

In one of the most extensive Cohesion-funded projects, the ERDF allocated more than €7 million in favour of Urban Regeneration and Improving the Quality of Life in  the region. This included the upgrading of inner urban areas, an enhanced transport infrastructure, embellishment of the environment and the introduction of more sustainable transit options. Together, such investments have strengthened the community of the three cities.

This transformational project included an extensive list of specific investments. Probably the most iconic investment featured the refurbishment of an old dock area in Cospicua, known as Dock 1, which had been out of service for over 25 years.  Work in this area involved a full redesign of the waterfront and public spaces, the pedestrianisation or semi-pedestrianisation of some parts and the creation of a footpath connecting Vittoriosa Waterfront to Senglea Point.

Other elements of the project included the upgrade of residential areas, the installation of new lighting systems, new paving and benches and the redesign and modernisation of city squares, with due consideration of improving access for persons with mobility issues.

Taken together, these projects have strengthened neighbourhoods in the locality and instilled sustainable regeneration through better accessibility and mobility. This has transformed the perception of Cottonera, which has become more attractive for business, hence creating more career opportunities.

Improved social infrastructure, such as improved health, education and recreational facilities are encouraging inclusion, diversity and have enriched the quality of life in the area. While this process is ongoing, the investment that has poured into the area over the past few years, together with the area’s rich heritage, have stimulated the local property market. Older property was regenerated, attracting new residents and other families who had moved out of Cottonera.

The success of this project makes it a perfect testament to the way EU-funded investment results in tangible improvements in our quality of life.

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