Today, according to an annual evaluation by the European Commission of the EU’s bathing waters, Malta is classified, together with Greece and Cyprus as having the best and cleanest bathing waters in the EU.

  • Xghajra



  • European Regional Development Fund


    European Regional Development Fund

  • Safeguarding the Environment


    Safeguarding the Environment

  • €67,966,869

    Cost of Project


  • €57,771,837

    Total EU Allocation


This is a direct and tangible result of the intervention and good use of the EU’s Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as until a few years ago, Malta was not treating its wastewater sewage before dumping it into the sea, just 800 metres away from its coast.

To come in line with various pro-environment and health directives, also as a result of higher EU standards to be reached by the island as a result of EU membership, a massive project in the east of Malta, known as the South Sewage Treatment Plant, was started in 2009 and completed in 2012.

Through this project, a sewage treatment infrastructure for the south of Malta was built from scratch, including a treatment plant in the area known as Ta’ Barkat, in Xghajra. The project also consisted of the building of a new wastewater pumping station in Rinella, the upgrading of another pumping station in Xghajra, a new wastewater gallery and a 1km submarine outfall in the sea from where the treated effluent was to be discharged.

This EU-funded project has literally connected all of Malta’s South sewage system, impacting positively not only the population of the area but also the thousands of tourists who visit and swim in the 5 kilometre stretch of untouched coastline between Rinella and Marsascala.

This fishing industry, quite important in the south of the island, also benefitted from this new way of treating sewage, as the quality of sea water and the coastline increased immensely, boosting the sea habitat in the surroundings.

The project also improved the quality of life of tens of thousands of people residing the area as, as a direct result of the new plant, unpleasant odours, unsightly sea plumes and the health risks associated with untreated sewage have become a thing of the past.

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