Employment is a crucial element in providing dignity to any person and a crucial way for many vulnerable people – from those with special needs to inmates or substance abusers – to reintegrate into society. Yet, despite their willingness, getting into a job is not always that easy.

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    Strengthening employment and supporting mobility

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Through the investment of some €10.5 million in EU funds, the national Maltese agency for employment, Jobsplus, together with the Lino Spiteri Foundation – an NGO, the VASTE project aims to get more people into work.

VASTE (Vocational Assessment, Support, Training and Employment) assists former inmates, former drug addicts, people with disabilities and other vulnerable people with social challenges are given the opportunity to get back to their life and form part of a wider integrated community.

Running between 2015 and 2022, participants receive a full professional assessment of their skills and potential employability. Once this is established, a personalised programme is devised to cater for the needs of the client to integrate fully back into society.

This can take the shape of a personal training plan, tailored according to the person’s skills and abilities, and through the provision of on the job training.

Training varies according the needs of individuals and in many areas, from pre-employment training to sheltered employment training.

Basic hands-on training in employment skills is also given to clients with intellectual disabilities.

Through this programme, which is expected to reach more than a thousand participants, clients can also benefit from a range of services such as occupational therapy, professional support, job carving, job coaching and mentoring.

As part of this project, the Lino Spiteri Foundation deals with unemployed disabled persons on a one-to-one basis through the provision of advisory assistance and job search support.

Through one of its units, the Foundation also provides services to private enterprises on recruitment, and ongoing support for jobs held by people with special needs.


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