The Youth Guarantee project is an EU-wide initiative aimed at getting more young people aged between 16 and 25 years back to either furthering their studies or find work.

  • European Social Fund


    European Social Fund

  • Promoting an equal and inclusive labour market


    Promoting an equal and inclusive labour market

  • €3,068,802

    Cost of Project


  • €2,455,041

    Total EU Allocation


Although unemployment rates in Malta are relatively low when compared to the average in the EU, the rate of early dropouts from school, particularly among those who do not continue studying after obligatory education remains high.

Administered by Jobsplus, Malta’s employment agency, substantial EU funds were directed to this scheme, distributed into four different strata.

Through the NEET Activation Scheme II, young people who are not in education, employment, and training – known in EU jargon as NEETs – are given personal and professional training leading them, through mentoring, towards starting to form part of the labour workforce. The programme focuses on a two-pronged aspect, offering clients the opportunity of both exposure to work and further education.

In order to encourage their participation, those forming part of the scheme are paid an allowance after both their training and work experiences, based on their attendance rate.

Through another branch of this programme, some 3000 students aged 15-24 students who do not manage to pass their SEC/Ordinary level examinations are provided additional help through free classes mostly during the summer months, preparing them better to face their resits later in the year. This encourages students to continue with their educational paths.

Entry to Malta’s vocational college – MCAST – is also facilitated through this programme. Through a specific programme, students who fail to obtain passes to enter the College are given extra help, during free summer classes, in preparation for their final assessments the following September.

The fourth branch of the Youth Guarantee is focused on ICT.

Students aged 15-24 are provided with additional educational help to acquire new ICT skills and knowledge, through a practical basic course and ECDL.

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