Works have been carried out on more than 230 rural roads co-financed by European funds

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi visited Loreto Street, one of three rural roads that together cover 2.8km in the heart of Gudja, which have been renovated through more than €500,000 co-financed with European funds. These roads form part of a series of other works, in which around 230 rural roads have been built since 2019 with both local and European funding.

Over the past year, Infrastructure Malta has invested €15 million in rebuilding or improving other roads in the countryside, which are used by farmers working in the fields and which also serve as secondary routes between one locality and another.

Minister Ian Borg said that, “This is a government that delivers what it promises.”

“We are changing the face of Malta in order to provide the worthy and high-quality infrastructure that our country and the people truly deserve. This is clear proof that our focus is not only on the large-scale projects, but we have very much in mind and at heart the small projects as well, such as our country’s rural roads. Such roads had been waiting for years to be repaired and I must say that it was us who with courage committed ourselves to improve and provide the appropriate infrastructure to these roads and further give back hope to all residents and farmers in the localities concerned. This further demonstrates the commitment and work ethic of this government, a government for the people, where we are descending further into the communities, feeling their pulse and listening to their demands so that we can continue to work for these people, with the aim of improving their quality of life in every possible way,” said Minister Ian Borg.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi stated that, with Measure 4.3 financed with European funds, we are continuously investing in our country’s rural areas. He explained that this project incorporates various roads around Gudja with a total investment of €500,000, so that we continue improving accessibility for our farmers. In fact, he said that there will be about 60 farmers who will enjoy better access to their lands.

The Parliamentary Secretary concluded by saying that European funds are being invested to strengthen Malta’s agricultural sector, whilst providing better accessibility to more open spaces so that everyone can enjoy our country’s environment.

Mayor of Gudja Marija Sara Vella stated that this project will not only benefit the Gudja farmers and others from the surrounding area in terms of the performance of their work, but will also benefit residents in the vicinities who can now enjoy their time by going on walks in these beautiful streets and fields whilst enjoying the countryside of Gudja.

She went on to say that these roads built by Infrastructure Malta are the best example of how local councils can make the best use of European funds to improve the quality of life of the respective residents, through good rural roads which also serve for recreational purposes for the citizens.

In total, the roads in the countryside, which were built last year, have a length of 60 kilometres and, furthermore, a total of 40 kilometres in underground services were done.

Photo – DOI _Omar Camilleri

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